How to choose a metal powder for 3D printer ?

Metal powders are the best option for 3D printing, if you need the strength of the finished product and its durability. The main characteristics of metal powders, determining their popularity:

  • Increased strength;
  • Any geometry;
  • Large selection of metals and their alloys;
  • Rough surfaces;
  • Lack of metal tension;
  • Any post processing;
  • Support material used for reprinting.
Gas atomized metal powders
Spherical particles under a microscope

At the same time, there are many types of alloys for creating 3D powders. For example, in the assortment of the company DMT Metal there are 6 of them! To create 3D models on the printer, powders made of nickel (Inconel 625 grade, Inconel 718 powder), stainless steel, steel and aluminum alloys (AlSi12 steel), and titanium alloy (Ti64 grade) are most often used.

What to look for when choosing powders?

Metal parts 3d printing
Examples of metal parts

On printer features for 3D printing: there are special metal powders for AM technology and SLM metal powders — each type fits particular printer models and model manufacturing features (laser baking, DMP technologies, use of an electron beam gun (EBM).

 Purpose of ready-made 3D models: to use titanium alloys for low-cost samples is irrational and expensive, and, on the contrary, the same titanium will be the optimal solution for making jewelry.

As for specific alloys, you can choose Ti64 alloy for aerospace or automotive parts, as well as for medical purposes, as well as the complex alloy Silumin AlSi12. 316l stainless steel is also suitable for medical purposes, as well as for the food processing and chemical industries. But the steel 17-4 PH is the best solution for heat-resistant equipment and especially durable structures, because it can withstand maximum loads. An alternative to it will be the series of Inconel625 and Inconel718 alloys, which are also resistant to temperature and have increased rigidity, but are not amenable to welding.

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