What Kind of the Metal Alloy Powders Is in Use in The 3D-Printing ?

• One of the important advantages of 3D metal printing technology is the ability to create a product from virtually using special additive metal alloys — unique high-tech materials that are manufactured for specific customer tasks. The most progressive and popular technology of 3D-printing metals — selective laser melting (SLM / DMLS). It consists in the sequential layer-by-layer melting of metal powders with the help of powerful radiation from a thermal laser.

   The technology is patented by the leaders of the 3D industry — companies SLM Solutions and 3D Systems. Metal 3D-printers of these manufacturers, depending on the functionality and tasks, can be used as production machines for mass production, and as laboratory facilities with flexible settings and the ability to quickly change materials for 3D printing.

Atomizer machine for metal powders
Equipment for the production of metal powder

The major raw product for 3D-printing are metal powders. Our company gives each 3D-printer owner an opportunity to create the most precise and firm model with the list of spherical powders represented in our range on-site. We propose the most actual variants of metal powdering for the 3D printing purposes, including aluminium alloy powder made with the gas atomization process. Such process gives the purity of the product gaining the record 99,8%.

The other variants are the steel powders for 3D-printing that are produced with the gas or water atomization process, the titanium alloy ones and the nickel Inconel 625 powder.

 We have 6 the most appropriate atomized metal powders for 3D-printing. The full list of gas atomized metal powders you can check on our site. Just have a look into powder materials for metal 3d printing in the rate of the DMT Metal Company and you’ll get the high-quality product for your congenial ideas.